Turtlebot4 User Manual

TurtleBot 4 Lite (left) and TurtleBot 4 (right)

TurtleBot 4 is the next-generation of the world's most popular open source robotics platform for education and research, offering better computing power, better sensors and a world class user experience at an affordable price point.

TurtleBot 4 comes in two models - TurtleBot 4 and TurtleBot 4 Lite. Both are equipped with an iRobot® Create® 3 mobile base, a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 running ROS 2, OAK-D stereo camera, 2D LiDAR and more. All components have been seamlessly integrated to deliver an out-of-the-box development and learning platform. Tap into the thriving open source ROS developer community and get started learning robotics on day one.

Table of Contents