Create® 3

On the TurtleBot 4, the connection of the User Interface board with the Create® 3 robot is only through the VBAT connector J7, which uses JST XH-style connector. The connector has been marked with Positive and Negative signs on the board (Positive being pin 1). The VBAT line is fused with a PTC fuse rated at 2A.

Create® 3 Power Adapter TurtleBot 4 UI Power
Create® 3 Power Adapter (left) and J7 connector (right)

The Create® 3 power adapter also supplies the Raspberry Pi 4 with power and communication through a USB 2.0 (Type C) on both the TurtleBot 4 and TurtleBot 4 Lite. The USB interface can supply up to 3A at 5V.

For more details, visit the Create® 3 Documentation.


It is recommended to not drain the robot below 20% as VBAT voltage begin to decline sharply at this level.