TurtleBot 4 Humble

TurtleBot 4 RPi4 image changelogs. Latest images are available here.


OS: Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 LTS

ROS: Humble

Create® 3 Firmware: H.1.0


  • Added turtlebot4_setup configuration tool. See TurtleBot 4 Setup.
  • Using turtlebot4_setup as a debian package to install configuration files. This allows us to update files in the future without creating new RPI4 images.
  • Added namespacing support. See Multiple Robots for more details.
  • Added discovery server support. See Discovery Server for more details.
  • Added support for the updated OAK-D ROS 2 driver. Cameras are now easier to configure, and can be turned off and on at runtime.
  • Added power saver mode. The robot will automatically turn off the OAK-D and RPLIDAR when docked to charge faster.
    • Added RPLIDAR and OAK-D start/stop functions to manually turn the sensors on/off through the TurtleBot 4 node.
  • Added a function calls publisher. Any function used in the TurtleBot 4 node will have its name published to the function_calls topic. This allows users to add custom functions and hook their own nodes into the system.
  • Improved turtlebot4_base performance on the Standard model by using a variable refresh rate on the display.
  • Added TURTLEBOT4_DIAGNOSTICS environment variable to enable or disable launching diagnostics.
  • Reworked navigation launch files to have one for each of SLAM, localization, and Nav2.
  • Fixed Invalid frame ID "wheel_drop_right" passed to canTransform argument source_frame - frame does not exist error

TurtleBot 4 Packages

Package Version Changes (from Galactic 0.1.3)
turtlebot4_base 1.0.0 - Namespacing support
turtlebot4_bringup 1.0.0 - Namespacing support
- TURTLEBOT4_DIAGNOSTICS envar to enable/disable diagnostics
- Using new OAK-D nodes
- Added power saver mode to default turtlebot4_node configuration
turtlebot4_description 1.0.1 - Namespacing support
- Static transforms for wheel_drop links
- Updated OAK-D link names for new OAK-D nodes
turtlebot4_diagnostics 1.0.0 - Namespacing support
- Updated dock topic and action type
turtlebot4_msgs 1.0.1 -
turtlebot4_navigation 1.0.1 - Namespacing support
- Reworked SLAM, localization, and Nav2 launch files
turtlebot4_node 1.0.1 - Namespacing support
- Added function calls publisher
- Update display only when required
- Added RPLIDAR and OAK-D start and stop functions
- Added power saver mode. Stops OAK-D and RPLIDAR when docked
- Updated dock topic and action type
turtlebot4_robot 1.0.0 -
turtlebot4_setup 1.0.1 - Added setup tool to make configurating easier
- Now functions as debian package, installing required files on RPi
- Added Discovery Server support
turtlebot4_tests 1.0.0 - Updated dock topic and action type